Inku Press is the studio of designer and letterpress printer Erin Blick.

We create luxury wedding invitations and stationery for the stylish couple.

Inspired by the fine details and what’s created by hand, Inku Press is crazy about that sensory result of letterpress printing - the crisp, deep impression it leaves on thick cotton paper.

Combining a strong sense of creative direction and a history of styling, we believe quality and style go a long way. Creating prints you can touch, feel and experience.

“I have always loved paper. As a young child, I would make my own paper. At school, I kept a large box of collected papers and cuttings. One of my first trips overseas was to Japan – for paper.

I am incredibly passionate about working with my hands. Without doubt the most rewarding part of my job is the making. Having an idea and producing a design is one thing, but taking that design and turning it into a tactile print you can actually feel, is very pleasing. The mixing of inks, the sound of my press turning over and the process of hand feeding each piece does make me feel like I am creating a print rather than just printing. Today in the design world, I find this is becoming rarer, so I feel very lucky to be using traditional skills to create my work.”

Inku Press creates high end invitations for the luxury wedding. As well as business cards, everyday stationery and custom prints.

All prints are designed and made by hand in Bangalow Australia, just near Byron Bay, on our 1920 Chandler & Price and 1918 Cowan printing presses.
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